Asset Recovery Process

At Wingfield Capital Group, we handle the entire filing process, including research, documentation, legal fees, and follow-up, allowing you to sit back and relax while we navigate the complexities on your behalf. Trust us to help you reclaim your surplus funds efficiently and professionally. Book your consultation today to start the process of reclaiming what is rightfully yours.

Identification of Surplus Funds:

When a property is sold at auction by the county, any surplus funds or excess proceeds remaining after satisfying the outstanding debts (such as taxes or mortgage payments) are legally due to the previous owner or their heirs. We receive a comprehensive list directly from the county, which helps us identify individuals entitled to these funds.

Research and Agreement:

Once we have identified potential claimants, our dedicated team of researchers and private investigators conducts extensive research to locate the individuals or their heirs. Once located, we reach out and provide them with an agreement form to initiate the process of reclaiming the surplus funds.

Title Search and Liens Check:

To ensure a smooth and successful claim, we perform a thorough title search on the property associated with the surplus funds. This search helps us identify any outstanding liens or creditors that need to be addressed during the claim process.

Verification of Available Funds:

Before proceeding with the claim, we confirm the availability of the surplus funds. This step ensures that the funds are accessible for the rightful owner or heirs to claim.


Preparation of Legal Documents:

Our experienced team takes care of preparing all necessary legal documents required for the claim. We handle the entire documentation process and bear all legal filing fees, relieving our clients of any financial burdens associated with the claim.

Notarization and Claim Submission:

Once the legal documents are prepared, we proceed with getting the county documents notarized to validate the claim. We then submit the claim to the appropriate county or state treasury department on behalf of our clients.

Ongoing Follow-Up:

After the claim is submitted, we take the responsibility of following up with the county or state treasury department to ensure that the process is progressing smoothly. We keep our clients informed and updated throughout this stage until a successful payout occurs.


Successful Payout:

Our dedicated efforts and expertise maximize the chances of a successful payout. Once the surplus funds are disbursed to the rightful owner or heirs, we receive our contingency fee as agreed upon previously.


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